Amateurism, theft, ripe at Etownian

I received news today about a little bit of theft and a little bit of crying at Eliziabethtown College's newspaper, the Etownian. It turns out some chap died and the paper decided to dedicate some print and web space to his passing. Unfortunately the Etownian lacked any proper pictures of the diseased. Written by the ever crafty electronic generation they quickly turned to Facebook for pictures. There’s nothing wrong with using social networking sites to find pictures. It's a great tool for the lazy reporter. These days who has the time of day to contact relatives for a proper photo? Apparently they're also too lazy to credit the photographs they used. The pictures published by the Etownian in their print edition and online were not credited to their photographer. Nothing screams amateur like journalists who don’t credit media. Nothing screams pathetic like journalists who refuse to credit media.

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