Cross Ange Episode 15 - How to Drain your DRAGON

Note: Well unfortunately my other venue is no longer available to me so if you haven't found out yet, this is where you can capture my Cross Ange stuff until the end (plus anything else  I feel like talking about in terms of anime or animation)!


Ange and Not-Kira make a DRAGON Porno

Completed Model: Kotobukiya's White Glint from Armored Core For Answer

 For more info on this build visit


Practice makes perfect, and well, I haven’t been practicing. 2014 was a rather dry year. I finished a couple kits early in the year but between my Caged Unicorn at the end of May and this White Glint I didn’t even touch my airbrush. Unfortunately that caused me to re-learn some past lessons and produce a project that wasn’t all it should’ve been.

Cross Ange Episode 14 - Turn ∀nge

Note: Because of some strange circumstances on other, my original venue for Cross Ange episode reviews is no longer accessible to me. Until shit gets straightened up, this is the home of any and all future episode reviews.

[Unfortunately this is the most interesting shot in the entire episode]

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