Cross Ange Episode 14 - Turn ∀nge

Note: Because of some strange circumstances on other, my original venue for Cross Ange episode reviews is no longer accessible to me. Until shit gets straightened up, this is the home of any and all future episode reviews.

[Unfortunately this is the most interesting shot in the entire episode]

Neontaster's Best of 2014

Year-end posts are hard. I watched somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 new shows this year, many of them wildly different from one another, so how does one create a top 10 list that has any kind of logic or consistency? Since I don't really know the answer to that, I figured I would simply list the 10 shows that I had the most fun watching this year. This was actually a pretty stacked year for me, and there are at least five or six other shows I could have easily stuck on here, but I think I have less to say about them.

So, without further ado, here are 10 shows I really enjoyed in 2014 in no particular order:

Otaku Evolution Episode 30 - Year End English Dub Review

The first season is over! And also, YouTube is horrible, and TMS and several other companies are greedy corporate jerks. Enjoy!

Batman Eternal #38 Review


There's a fight in a pit, Bane gets bit, and the artwork is awful shit in this thirty-eighth issue of DC's weekly Batman (dis)appointment. Batman takes on several of his rogues gallery at the Willowwood Home for Future Villains, Croc gets vengeance for a previous slight, we see that Jim Gordon and The Lion still exist, and I die a little inside reading this once great series now completely in the shitter because of the meandering plot and horrendous artwork.

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