Lupin III - New Series PV

Get out of my dreams, get into my computer, new Lupin show. (Gonna review the fuck out of this.)

Clip(s) of Dragon Ball Z - Resurrection F

Did all of those Freeza soldiers really fit into that one ship? I hope Goku and the gang have a good sense to KEEP the ship when they've defeated Freeza  this time. Trunks blew up the last one, and that was a free fucking spaceship they could have used! 





Batman vs Robin Review




Otaku Evolution Episode 36 - The Vision of Escaflowne

IMMEDIATELY flagged for copyright violations! Thanks, Bandai, you greedy fuckers. Maybe one day Japan will have Fair Use laws, but I wouldn't count on it, because entertainment execs there are even greedier than human tumors we have over here. The Fair Use law over here means exactly shit these days as it is. But the video is still up, so watch it.


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