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Otaku Evolution Episode 61 - Crusher Joe

What happens when you get the incomparable talent of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko to adapt the characters of the hit sci-fi books of Haruka Takachiho? You get the Crusher Joe movie, full of high-flying, danger warping, gun hand firing, disco brawling action from a crew of professional... uh... odd job takers? How does one describe the work of the Crushers? Varied. 


Otaku Evolution Episode 60 - Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal

In this episode of Otaku Evolution, I take a look at the scarred swordsman cutting his way through the Bakumatsu with a bloodied blade, Kenshin Himura, before he became a technical pacifist. Here's to the heart of the sword! 


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