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Otaku Evolution Episode 23 - Big Wars

A few audio issues in this episode, sorry.


Batman Eternal #28 Review


Red Hood spills beers, Jason Bard's almost smears, and there's a whole lot of tears, in this twenty-eighth episode of DC comics' ongoing Batman saga. Jason Bard pays a price for his betrayal, Croc loses a friend, Batman arrives too late, and Catwoman gives in to the family business. I mean, moreso, I suppose. This issue will see big consequences in Catwoman's solo title, and I'm sure probably some influence on Batgirl's new arc.


Reconguista in G Episode 03 Review

Episode 03, "The Pressure of Montero"




Otaku Evolution Episode 22 - Burn Up!

Burn Up! is when you take Bubblegum Crisis, subtract the robots, and... well, why would they do that?

Batman Eternal #27 Review

Ahhh, it's Schwarzwald! BIG O!


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