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So yeah, banned from another message board. Maybe the problem is me.


But also, maybe the problem is sycophantic Grant Morrison devotees who will do anything to stamp out even the most reasoned dissension, or even the possibility of it.


You be the judge. (And then I'll overrule you.)


Batman Eternal #6 Review


Gotham gets just a little bit creepier in this installment of DC's ongoing Batman weekly, when it looks like one of the worst characters in DC history is leading some kind of limb-chopping cult and The Spectre is on the case.


Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 104 Review

Episode 104, "A Troubling Premonition… The Appearance of a Mysterious Warrior!!"




Sailor Moon Announcement Trailer


So, apparently Viz licensed both the classic Sailor Moon (with a new English dub coming) and the new show. Big score, Viz. Kudos!


(Ah, reminds me of the good old days and lost love.) 

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