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Batman & Robin Eternal #3 Review

Baby we were born to ruuuuun!


Batman & Robin Eternal #2 Review

In hindsight, Batman decided the LSD experiments were premature.


Mobile Suit Gundam - THE ORIGIN Episode II Preview

JP : 






It seems like I was waiting forever for this to come, but then it ended up sneaking up on me after all. At least it'll be rentable on Daisuki, because the Blu-Rays are insanely expensive.

Otaku Evolution Episode 51 - Death Note (Part 1)

Seriously, how do these notebooks never run out of pages? I'd think at some point, Light would be writing in the margins.


My Dailymotion (more episodes of OE there that can't be hosted on my YT page)


Batman& Robin Eternal #1 Review

Not pictured: The actual current Robin


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