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SD 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G - Review on GGIN


A snippet from the review...


In my reviews I try to present the kit as how a proper straight build would look, aka nothing more than some simple nub removal and whatever main stickers are required to ‘finish’ the kit. Since this snap out method is new to me I figured I’d give it a shot. The results, for better or worse, you can see in the photos. All this, though, wraps back to my thoughts regarding SD kits. In my opinion they are both the easiest kits to build, and the hardest.

Perhaps I should explain? SD kits appeal to a very young modeling base. They’re cute, adorable, and very easy to build. No sharp instruments are required, no precision piece fitting. They’re suitable for any age, granted your youngin’ doesn’t like to eat small things. Stickers are easy to apply and most kits aren’t too concerned with fine details. Yet, to achieve those details, that requires a lot of talent.

Read the full review, and check out the pictures, at GG Infinite News!

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