Gundam: Looking at the franchise's future

With Gundam AGE wrapping up in the next six weeks or so and the mysterious Gundam: The Origin just off the horizon (I'm not sure Bandai has revealed how they're going to do the adaption yet) I thought it would be a good time to sit down and discuss just what we want from one of our favorite franchises.

Below are some of my personal ramblings about what the series has been lacking as of late along with what it needs moving forward.


Gundam AGE Episode 27 Review

Episode 27, "I Saw a Red Sunset"

Gundam Unicorn Ep 5 PV


I like the part where Bright grabs Banagher's arm. Is a Brightslap imminent?

Gundam AGE Episode 26 Review

Episode 26, "The Earth... is our Eden"

Gundam AGE Episode 24 Review

Episode 24, "X-Rounder"

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