Otaku Evolution

Otaku Evolution - If You Aren't Watching My Crappy Anime Review Show, I'll Cut You



Just a few episodes of Otaku Evolution I feel you should watch or revisit:


[UPDATED 5/29/15]


Episode 1 (audio boosted "corrected edition") - Fullmetal Alchemist (Part 1): OFFLINE

Episode 2 (audio boosted "corrected edition") - Fullmetal Alchemist (Part 2): OFFLINE

Episode 3 (audio boosted "corrected edition") - Fullmetal Alchemist (Part 3): OFFLINE

Episode 4 (audio boosted "corrected edition") - Fullmetal Alchemist (Part 4): OFFLINE

Episode 5 (audio boosted "corrected edition") - Lupin III: Secret of Mamo (Part 1): vimeo.com/112591722

Otaku Evolution Episode 33 - Megazone 23 Part I


Maybe the most 80s anime of all time, Megazone 23 has bizarre fashion styles, transforming robot motorcycles, and MTV VJs all in a hodgepodge of 80s sci-fi clusterwonder. So join me, friends, as Vic the Brick and Misato Katsuragi try their best in this world of conflict to have a McNice McDay. Guest cameo by a certain warm water penguin.


- Penguin Truth


Otaku Evolution Episode 28 - Night on the Galactic Railroad



Seriously, I had the PERFECT Mawaru Penguindrum clip in this to illustrate a point, but YT flagged me for copyright bullshit so I had to replace it with SCREENSHOTS. FFS, guys, you're destroying my show. Does Fair Use mean nothing anymore? 


Anyway, enjoy this!