Yoshiki Tanaka

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 22 Review


Episode 22, "The Fall of Goldenbaum"



Synopsis:  Kircheis confronts Reinhard over the Westerland Incident and the latter's allowing it to happen. This creates a small rift between the two as Lohengramm's forces close in on the nobles. Said nobles, meanwhile, are dwindling after failures in battle and bad publicity. Flagel is determined to challenge an admiral one-on-one and is rejected by Reinhard's men. He is ultimately killed by his own subordinates after refusing to listen. Admiral Merkatz's own subordinate saves him from a suicide attempt and suggests he defect to the Free Planets Alliance instead. And Prince Braunschweig's assistant, Ansbach, forces him to die by poison to go out with dignity. Geiersburg Fortress is occupied by the new power in the Empire.