Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 91 Review

Episode 91, "Get Angry, Gohan! Unleash Your Hidden Power" "Are we going to watch One Piece after this?" "You know it!""I am the best father ever." *****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: Gohan faces off with Cell. Cell attacks and Gohan evades, but Cell eventually catches up and strikes a powerful blow. Some present assume that Gohan has died, but Goku remains unmoved. He says that Gohan is still alive. Gohan returns to the fight, telling Cell that it's pointless to continue fighting. He doesn't want to continue fighting. Gohan claims that if angry enough, he can unleash enough power to defeat Cell, but Cell thinks he's bluffing. He attacks Gohan looking for his hidden power.

Typical DBZ Fan on YouTube Presents: Japanese Voices Sound Like Pussies

So, often when I read YouTube comments on Japanese clips of Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai material, I often run into this little gem: Yeah, "no offense".   I know, that's so right, isn't it? I mean, clearly the entire cast is filled with girly, weak-sounding pansies. Just listen to these clips! Ryo Horikawa as Vegeta: I mean, really! Listen to that feminine, high pitched whiny voice for Japanese Vegeta. Jeez, what a woman.

Some Thoughts On: Dragon Ball Kai (English Dub) Episodes 40-52

The late Freeza arc really needed a much more accurate, better acted English dub than Dragon Ball Z's. Some of the worst material of that dub came from this group of episodes, especially with Freeza himself. Making him extremely jokey, playing on his androgyny with sexual innuendo, and just missing the point of his character altogether were big mistakes Funimation made with these episodes. Freeza is a huge part of these episodes, so treating with him respect is a necessity. Dragon Ball Kai did just that, rubbing ointment on the burns of the previous dub. The English dub's script allowed for Freeza to give his haughty, sarcastic (but not sexually charged, like the dub) remarks and feigned politeness and his grand declarations of his power. Chris Ayres lent him a regal-sounding voice and delivery.

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 87 Review

Episode 87, "Satan's Legion Runs Wild! The Curtain Rises on the Cell Games" "The fate of the world is next! Then a new episode of 'Castle!'"I thought all the people abandoned the cities. *****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: Mr. Satan arrives at Cell's arena, a cameraman and TV news reporter covering it. Mr. Satan guarantees an easy victory. Vegeta arrives next. Artificial Human 16 soon follows. Then Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Yamucha. 16 joins them, with Goku greeting him, but being warned off. Goku offers to go first, but Mr. Satan demands respect. Seeing him on TV, the King of the World vaguely recognizes Goku as the one who defeated Piccolo Diamao. He also recognizes Piccolo. Just before Mr.

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