Zaku II

Pre-Shading Experimentation

I haven't been taking a break from modeling as much as slowly destroying one of the best kits Bandai has ever released, the Master Grade Zaku II 2.0. This one, specifically, is a Johnny Ridden version that's been in various stages of completion since at least 2010. Just recently I decided it would be the perfect sacrifice for practicing new techniques and generating new tutorials.

PG Zaku II ver. Reprise - Update 01

Long ago, in the depths of 2008, I built a Perfect Grade Char's Zaku II. It was horrible. A travesty of all things great. A concoction of orange peel'd gloss and stickers. Thus, 2012 being the end of the world, the only proper thing to do would be to light it on fire and sing a sad song in remembrance. Or I could cover it in awesome.



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