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So yeah, banned from another message board. Maybe the problem is me.


But also, maybe the problem is sycophantic Grant Morrison devotees who will do anything to stamp out even the most reasoned dissension, or even the possibility of it.


You be the judge. (And then I'll overrule you.)


Batman #28: The Bluebird of Harper-ness (CONTAINS AT LEAST ONE SPOILER)

 Oh Bruce, you say that to all your future sidekicks.

Oh, Bruce. You say that to all your future meat shields... I mean, partners.


Pigeon-Holed: The Mentalist Flips Fans the Bird OR Red, Red Whine


He should have stayed in bed.


Dragon Ball Z: Rock The Dragon Set Is Coming


Three years ago, I caught whiff of a possible English dub for Dragon Ball Z Kai done in the frosty North, by the Sasquatch-breeding Canadians at Ocean Studios. For three years I have waited with bated breath, my eyes opening to the day with fresh hope that the dulcet tones of Doc Harris would course through my ears with "Stand by for Dragon Ball Z... Kai!", only to be struck each day with a sense of unrelenting defeat (moreso than usual). Eventually, I had no choice but to settle into a remarkably steady indifference, puncuated by the occasional glimmer of curiosity (and something somebody in the know told me).

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