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Rants & Raves

George Takei is a Dolt

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Earlier in the week George Takei sat down with The Advocate to discuss his petition against Warner Brothers casting primarily white actors in an upcoming American adaption of the Japanese manga and anime classic, Akira. His main point is that Hollywood should cast more Asian-American actors in movie roles. A fair point on its own. However his arguments are full of curious inconsistencies. Take a look...

Typical DBZ Fan on YouTube Presents: Japanese Voices Sound Like Pussies

So, often when I read YouTube comments on Japanese clips of Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai material, I often run into this little gem:

Yeah, "no offense".  
I know, that's so right, isn't it? I mean, clearly the entire cast is filled with girly, weak-sounding pansies. Just listen to these clips!

Ryo Horikawa as Vegeta:

Anime Fan Guilt: The Case of the Rabid Anti-Weeaboo

Something I've come across quite frequently in anime fandom nowadays is what I consider "anime fan guilt", wherein a fan of anime, so insecure over the fact that he is a fan of foreign cartoons, completely overcompensates by condemning Japanese things. It's an interesting phenomenon that at first I was unable to grasp, as I thought at first that it was legitimate criticism of the Japanese culture given by people who were otherwise fans of their animation, reasonable people who liked anime, but weren't into all things Japanese. However, I soon discovered that this wasn't the case.

Audio: English - Exploring the Gundam Dubs

Audio: English
With the Audio:English series, PenguinTruth takes a critical look at the English
dubs which grace some of anime's most defining series in North America.

There isn't a group of animated programs that dominate the world of entertainment for me quite as much as the Gundam franchise. What started as a passing interest in Gundam Wing's hamfisted philosophical debates and cool mecha evolved into an obsession, much as man is meant to evolve into the Newtype. (Or maybe not. Don't even ask Yoshiyuki Tomino about that one. He doesn't know.) What are essentially elaborate (some more than others) robot toy commercials have so my anime fandom that I've forgotten what life was like before Gundam. Did I dream? Did I breathe? Now I have several DVDs of Gundam material and a mind filled with useless trivia. And I'm not even the biggest Gundam geek. I'll save that honor for the guys who can give you the exact specs of the engines of a Zaku II.