The Vision of Escaflowne Episode 11 – Erryboddy do the Doppelganggank!


This is quite the low point episode for our heroes. While losing Fanelia and being manipulated by both Asturia and Zaibach wasn’t enough, they’re on frayed terms with Freid now. It’s quite a low point for them in this arc (the lowest ones will be coming soon), and overall makes for a… modest unassuming episode. The crux of the episode falls upon the encounter between Hitomi and the doppelganger, Zongi, and that part provides a rather intriguing experience.

Otaku Evolution Episode 66 - Spirited Away


Otaku Evolution Episode 66 - Spirited Away by elliott-morbell


It's the 2nd Year Anniversary of Otaku Evolution! (I'm still trying to get people to actually watch it.) In this episode, I'm reviewing Spirited Away, the Academy Award-winning Studio Ghibli film! If you want to see me review more well-known, beloved classics like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Black Lagoon, Trigun, Evangelion, or Giant Robo, I'm going to need your financial support! Please contribute to my Patreon!

The Vision of Escaflowne Episode 09 – Feathery Flashback


Just like that, moments after Hitomi finds out of Van’s rather peculiar growth on his back, the show throws us into Van’s past without hesitation. Instead of dragging things out by shrouding his life story with mystery, it allows a continuation of a conversation he and Hitomi had during the last episode. Turns out Van’s mostly dead family is cloaked with its fair share of tragedy, and that certain Judeo-Christian manifestations of divinity have a more negative context on Gaea. A nice twist on convention to be sure, and explains the sad face Van gives to Hitomi at the episode’s beginning.

The Vision of Escaflowne Episode 07 - Hot Messcaflowne


Predictably, the cliffhanger in the last episode is resolved without much fuss by a very effective Van, and thus allows us to delve into the topic of this week’s episode: Fiery passions. Although we’ve seen Hitomi gazing with longing eyes over Allen, it has been left on the backburner for the rather paltry endeavours of rescuing Van and brave escapes. With the inclusion of Princess Millerna to the cast, now comes the complications, and the show goes shoujo on us once again.

I don’t say this as a bad thing, since the first episode did it so well, and Van is too intense on his warrior-ring like so: