Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 93 Review

Episode 93, "Fighting Spirit Free from Hesitation! Gohan Pulverizes the Cell Juniors", or "Kami-Damn, Gohan Is Fucking Badass"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE SHOW ENDS BEFORE I CAN GET LAID?!"Kuririn thinks back fondly on the days of merely being exploded.


Synopsis: Gohan transforms himself, unleashing a great amount of power. He immediately snatches back the bag of senzu beans and destroys one Cell Junior in a single blow. He kills another who was tormenting Kuririn. He proceeds to beat on the duplicates. They team up and attack him, but don't hurt him. He picks them off one by one. He throws the bag of senzu to Trunks and faces off with Cell. Trunks gives Kuririn and others senzu beans. Gohan engages Cell in combat with great speed. Piccolo realizes that Goku fought Cell first to show Gohan how Cell fights. Cell is frustrated with how good Gohan has become.

SPARKING!Goku thinks, "Heh. I totally AM a great father!"


Gohan is so fucking badass in this episode, it's almost too much to take. This right here is the biggest reason why the Cell Games are my favorite section of Dragon Ball. This is pure awesomeness on a level never reached by this franchise.

Of course, it's also kind of scary to see Gohan act so ruthlessly. He's definitely a pure-hearted kid who isn't as big a fan of fighting as his father is. He was brought up to become a great scholar, not a fighter, and even during the times when he was fighting, it seemed that he was pretty clear on it not being what he was intended for, nor was it something he especially wanted, except when it came to protecting his friends and the planet. But I think that's why that when he does get serious that he is so utterly ruthless as he is here. He's not a fan of fighting, so when he has to, that's it, man, he's going to kill you, and get it over with. You know that if you manage to piss him off enough for him to go at you, game over, you're through. Goku will fuck around because he enjoys it. Gohan, though, the only stalling he'll do is to make you suffer (of course, this will have its own consequences later).

He sure didn't mess around with the Cell Juniors, that's for sure. Shit, that was some brutality, kicking them so hard that they exploded. I actually prefer that to the more gruesome, bloody deaths in the manga, because this way it renders him so powerful, his kicks make their very atoms scatter. He punches them into dust. That's what nothings the Cell Juniors are to him. If a guy can punch you into dust, you're pretty much nothing at all. The same Cell Juniors that were beating the crap out of Vegeta and Trunks are turned into dust with punches and kicks.

My favorite Cell Junior death is the one where Gohan slams his foot into the ground and kicks through it and his foot comes up and kicks the target in half. My second favorite is the last one, where he hits him through those rock formations then meets him on the other side and kicks him, exploding him, then stomping on what's left of him.

Cell's really fucked now.

"All I said was that I'd prefer if Kai's music was by Bruce Fa---" "WE DO NOT SPEAK THAT NAME IN THIS HOUSE, FATHER!""Kai's early ending is YOUR fault, viewers!"

 Overall Score:

4.5 out of 5


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