Former "Otaku" Now in a Love-Hate Relationship with Anime

So I've been into anime for quite a long time. You know, I'm that guy who was into Sailor Moon back in the day because that's all there was besides the Sci-Fi channel stuff. (Oh Man, do you remember Roujin-Z? Gall Force? I do.) And then as anime was made more available through retailers such as Suncoast and Media Play. They had all the stuff you could want. That was when I had free time, that was when I had a NewType subscription to sample every anime I could ever want. I developed my own tastes after experiencing all sorts of different kinds of anime over the years. Now that I'm out of high school, and I've started working, it's harder to find out which anime fits my needs. There was a point when I had a falling out with anime, but now we're in a love-hate relationship. There's a few here and there that I try, but every time I sample something new it's usually something I've seen before, or something that had the potential to be executed so much better. It's not that I don't like anime anymore. I don't have the time to sit down and watch 26 episodes in one night like I used to, or the attention span to watch things that I used to like.

Perhaps the demographic has changed. Quite a few of my same-age friends (I'm around 21) enjoy Gurren Lagan, but it doesn't really do anything for me. When I sit down and watch stuff like that, I think to myself that I would've enjoyed it when I was younger. While substance is great and all, I think some anime is far too serious and is boring. I like a mix of all that, but they don't make much of that anymore. There are still quite a few anime that I enjoy, and a few manga I can read. It just doesn't seem like there are as many offerings as when I was younger. I still keep my eyes out for something that I might like, but I just keep worrying. I strike gold once in a while, but I guess it's good that I don't hit gold all the time, since I don't have all the free time to keep up with it all anyways.

When you think of it...

When you think of it anime is just like any other sort of tv show you find on ABC or FOX. The difference beyond the general medium and the cultural aspects out of Japan are minimal. It's just another show with a story that you may or may not find interesting. That it's animated only allows them to do things that would've otherwise been impossible. Imagine them trying to make a live action Gurren Lagann...

The issue is that with everything else there are stories you're interseted in and stories your now. Someshows you find time for, like Stargate, others you don't mind capturing on your DVR for later, and others that are best described as "hey, if it's on great, if not, no harm." (For example, TMZ)

Don't look at anime as anime, look at is as yet another interesting story (or in some cases, really horrible shit that even Disney Channel viewers wouldn't sit through).

- Judd, testing the comment feature...

I don't really put anime on

I don't really put anime on a pedestal or anything. There's a lot of crap anime, just like there's a lot of crap TV. Though there's still somehting undeniably different about anime than with other things. It just seems harder and harder to find something that will keep my attention.

Well i myself am

Well i myself am ''suffering'' from that symptom too. But thats because our taste in anime rly changed. As u do, i too am 21 years old, and been watching anime for quite some time, and this ''moe generation'' kinda sucks for me. Always been into animes like FLCL, Serial Experiments Lain, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, but now animes like that are rare. You get lots of fanservice, loli content, moe and stuff... So its hard to keep on watching something u dont rly apreciate... Do as myself. Start playing games, or goin for some other activity which takes some time like trading card games or something. Then come back for anime again, and try toget animes on the genre u most like.
If u give me some references, i can try to advise u too some series :D

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