Gunpla Review - May 2011


Ah, it's that time of month again. Gunpla Review is an attempt to share some projects, finished in the past month, which have caught my eye. I also wanted to highlight some ongoing WIPs worth following. If I missed any of your favorites please share them via comments below! And no, these are not in any particular order.


Featured Kits

Vandalier's MG Blue Frame w/ Lohengrin Launcher - The first time I've seen anyone take on the launcher


W_Inc's MG Deathscythe - I love the simple paint job and treatment of the original scheme


Justlookin's 1/144 Jagd Doga - Someone's showing off his fine shading skills again...


Gundam Guy's 1/144 RG Strike - When it comes to the base RG Strike, you can't beat this build


Hemish's MG GM - A fantastic example of simple weathering


Matteo's UCHG Core Fighter - Good to see the CF receiving some love


Curt Ratcliffe's PG 00 - I love Curt's simplified take on the 00


Shifty's War Hanger - With a bit of shading Shady's Kotobukiya hanger set is a step above the rest


Kelviny's White PG Strike Freedom - A pure version of my own black beast



WIPs to Watch

Make sure to check out last month's listing as many are still ongoing.


Phoebus' Close Combat Diorama - The devil's in these details


StraitStealth's MG Deathscythe Hell "The Devil" - The beast is coming


TheGunny's "diorama depicting the demise of a pesky DOM" - I can't wait to see this dio complete


Curt Ratcliffe's PG MKII - Works can't describe what he's done to the MKII