MG Ball, Vr. Ka

Master Grade for only $15? Well, it is just a Ball... The Ball is probably the most under appreciated suit in Gundam. Cannon fodder way before the arrival of the GM. It's single time to shine was that those brief scenes early on in the beginning 08th MS Team. You can get a MG Ball for less than $15 and it shows. Not due to the build quality but because it's such a small kit. At least a third of the instruction manual is nothing but pictures and information about the Ball. Of course none of it I can read, but it sure looks nice! That said the build quality is like any other MG despite it's smaller presence. Being a Version Ka it comes with a few nifty features like metal bars, a bit of wiring, and a ton of decals to spiffy things up. (I'm not sure if the wiring or bars come with other MG Ball kits though). Through this kit I realized a few things. First is that no matter what stickers suck. Unless they're on a really light surface it's near impossible to hide their presence completely. The camera helps in that my photo's somehow don't show the edges and random air pockets parts on the more curved sections developed. The other is that not all dry rub decals are created equal. On my Rick Dias I could apply a tad of pressure to them accidentally why trying to get everything to line up. On the Ball it seemed as if the slightest bit of pressure caused it to adhere to the plastic. As a result most of my decals are slightly unbalanced. What I did like was the opportunity to use a color for doing the lines. I think it turned out well and has inspired me to do similar things on another project I have planned.
DSC_7017 DSC_7571 DSC_8191 DSC_8188 DSC_8187 DSC_8186
The Good Inexpensive Quick Build Rub on decals Lots of decails & strickers for those who like that It's a Ball The Bad Other armor pieces don't always fit wll together Not much too it A quick note for anyone picking these up (how could one say no considering the price?) regarding the top coat. I applied a dull coat over top and if you do the same I recommend you remove the window from the ball first. Otherwise it would end up cloudy. I also taped off the metal pieces on the arms to let them retain their original shine.

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