Otaku Evolution Episode 169 - Venus Wars

I love Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, but a lot of what he makes, in terms of direction, is a bit wonky. I suppose the Gundam The Origin OVA is an exception, but don't think that's because he made the manga, because he did that for Venus Wars, too. I guess he just improved over time, because Venus Wars, a bit like the Crusher Joe movie, is kind of a mess. No, Venus Wars is especially a mess, just a lopsided, but gorgeous-looking wreck of a film that I want desperately to love. It certainly has nostalgic value to it, as it was one of the first anime movies I ever saw, back when it aired on the Sci-Fi Channel's Anime Saturday block.

I read a lot of the manga in preparation for this review, and wow is it it different. I mean, it's almost completely different than what the movie would become. I don't know if I want to say it's definitely better, but it does seem a little better-organized, if nothing else. It does have it's own issues, like it's quick dismissal of the initial main characters halfway through, but I'd love to see it turned into a TV series at some point (though I suppose it's far too late for that).

80s Month is over for this year, and I'm not sure if I'm doing it next year, but I'd like to, if I can find three 80s titles I can talk about. Again, look at those Dave's Archive 80s (and other decades) commercial collections on YouTube, because they're fun.

Also, Susan Sommers is annoying.


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