Otaku Evolution Episode 230 - Year End English Dub Review IX

One final video for 2022, folks! As usual with my last video of the year, I go over the various English dubs of the anime I've covered in roughly the second half of the year. I think the best dub was Solid State Society's and the weakest Babel II - Beyond Infinity's which is amusing, because I covered those anime originally in that order. But even the weakest anime dub of the bunch still had solid talents, just a lack of commitment to the characters. Most of the dubs I covered were at least decent.

I decided to take it easy when it came to the bookend material. I originally wanted to do more that would reflect my ongoing depression, but I always feel a little better during the holidays (it's after the holidays I get in a slump). Well, at least as I type this I'm feeling good, but my moods can change on a dime these days.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great new year, and I'll see you again in a month or so.

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