Otaku Evolution Episode 96 - Michiko & Hatchin



Sorry this is so late! I wanted this on YouTube, but it got flagged, and the flag is still there days after disputing it (it's Fair Use, FFS) so I had to upload it to my new VidMe account. Not being able to monetize this video is irritating after all the work I put into it. 


But anyway... 


Michiko & Hatchin is the story of an escaped convict, a put upon orphan, a corrupt cop with a crush, a violent psychopath, a deranged turncoat, and a missing lover and father. The chase is on in the fictional country of Diamandra (which is totally not Brazil), with Michiko determined to find Hiroshi, dragging his daughter Hana (Hatchin) along, and dogged Atsuko on their tail. Can they dodge the Monstro Preto gang and reach their goal? Not without a lot of (mis)adventures! 


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