Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 51 ENGLISH DUB Review

 Episode 51, "Immortal Army"

Synopsis: The officer who activates the homunculi dolls is eaten by them, and they turn o the scientist that was with him next. Edward, Scar, and the chimera arrive at the doorway near where Barry died. Ed tries to open it, to no avail. Suddenly it opens and the homunculi dolls pour in. Olivier takes a general hostage, but he orders his subordinates to shut the gates so that Mustang's and the Briggs forces can't get in. Sloth attacks, but Olivier moves out of the way and the general is crushed instead. Edward's group tries to fight off the dolls, but they don't have any luck. Edward suddenly realizes what they are. He shuts the exit to the room so they can prevent them from escaping. Back at the mound, Heinkel realizes that Pride has been sending out morse code signal, but it's too late. Kimbley attacks, breaking the mound, which releases Pride. Underground, Mei runs from the dolls, balancing the jar with Envy on her head, but Envy is swallowed by one of the dolls and takes control of it. Devouring the other dolls, Envy returns to his original form. Olivier tries to fight Sloth, but isn't damaging him. When she is about to be crushed, her brother Alex arrives to assist her. Alphonse tries to help Heinkel and escape from Pride and Kimbley, who shows him the Philosopher's Stone he saved from the mine. Alphonse uses it to challenge Kimbley and Pride, to Kimbley's amusement. 
Envy returns to form in this episode, meaning more of Wendy Powell's grainy, pained sounding voice for him. Well, actually, Powell's Envy wasn't that bad in this episode. In fact, I quite enjoyed her delivery when Envy returned to his usual form and thanked May for it. The dialogue was well read and fit the mouth flaps perfectly. This is probably as positive as I'm ever going to be about Powell's Envy, which I've never been fond of. 
I still think it's stupid that they brought Envy back into the mix. His defeat at the hands of Doctor Marcoh was a great way to have him meet his end, by the hands of one of the lowly humans he'd been taunting for so long. 
Stephanie Young's Olivier is still strong in this episode as she begins her fight against humungous Sloth. I guess Sloth sounds as he should, big, slow, and tired. Eric Vale's Kimbley still seems a bit too scratchy for my liking. The delivery is decent enough, he sells the lines most of the time, but as for his voice, it's iffy. Maxey Whitehead'sr Alphonse was solid, geniunely sounding concerned for Heinkel's well being. The VA for Heinkel even did a decent job. 
All in all, not a lot to say about the performances, because they seem to be good, overall.  
Overall ENGLISH DUB Score: 
4 out of 5

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