Dragon Ball - Episode 01 Review

Episode 1, "Bulma and Son Goku" *****SPOILERS*****

Synopsis: A young boy named Son Goku, with a monkey tail, lives in the forest on a mountain, alone. A teen girl named Bulma hits him with her car, and is astonished to see he is unphazed by both that and bullets. Bulma makes peace with the child, telling him that she's looking for the seven Dragon Balls, orbs which summon a wish-granting dragon when collected, of which Goku owns one. Convincing him to come on her quest, Bulma and Goku head off but encounter a man-eating pterodon who takes Bulma away. Goku rescues Bulma from the dinosaur with his extending bo.

Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 29 Review

Episode 29, "The Special-Squad's Frontline Man! Break Gurudo's Spell" *****SPOILERS*****

Synopsis: The Ginyu Special Forces take off and quickly catch up to Vegeta, Gohan, and Kuririn. Vegeta tries to throw one of the Dragon Balls away from the group, but the fastest member of the Forces, Baata, catches out. Vegeta then urges Kuririn to destroy the Dragon Ball he's holding, but Gurudo, the shortest member, freezes time and retrieves it. Ginyu takes off with the seven Dragon Balls, leaving the other members of his group to decide who will kill who.

DBZ Kai Episode 01 Review

Episode 1, "The curtain opens on battle! Son Goku's back" *****SPOILERS***** Synopsis: A man named Son Goku, a young hero who was born "Kakkarot" on the planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans, and was sent to Earth, visits his old friends on Kame Island. Along with him is his son, Son Gohan, named after the man who raised him. However, an armored man from space lands, looking for "Kakkarot", scaring even the demon Piccolo, and showing up before Goku and his friends. Comments: For those of you uninitiated to the world of Dragon Ball, this would probably come off as a pretty dizzying first episode, since they cram so much into it.

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