What's Your Beef?: Stop Milking Your Feud, It's Udderly Ridiculous

So, it appears that a whole calvacade of folks come here (though it's more likely to be the same one person posing as different people) just to fucking troll me about things that have largely been settled, because they're pathetic and possibly have more time on their hands than even I do. So I've opened this entry up to comments where people can air out their greivances with me without bitching in any of the other article comments. Other articles are only about the things they cover, not your silly little feuds with me, so get it all out in the open here, get it off your chest, and then shut the fuck up and move on.


Gamers Are Assholes

Now, in my "favorite video games" article some time ago, I mentioned that, personally, I'm not much of a gamer. And by that, I mean I'm not very good at them. I enjoy video games. They've been a large part of my life. However, I'm just not very skilled. So, perhaps it's with a little envy, or perhaps just a boat load of frustration, when I tell you, the folks who are good at them are mostly a pack of arrogant cum stains who I wish would die in a horrible fire that kills their parents and pets as well. Hardcore gamers are jerks. If you're not one, that is. I'm guessing that, if you are one, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. You're that deeply immersed in the gamer culture, attending Penny Arcade conventions (those guys are pretty cool, though), rawking out on Guitar Hero all night long with your pals, shitting in a daiper as you level up your troll warrior mage on some MMORPG. Treating Madden games like they're actual sporting events, and you are an actual athlete.

Chuck Norris, Traitor


Apparently, famous internet meme and Conan O'Brien time filler Chuck Norris is hoping Texas secedes from the United States, and says he would be the president of it should it come to that.

According to him, because of the way things are (aka, black liberal in the White House, which doesn't suit Texans), there may be a need for a new Civil War.

Know what, Chuck? Go ahead. Secede. I want Texas to secede. Let's hope it does, so we can gather all the fuckwits that would follow you into one place and have a good excuse to obliterate every one of them. The military would be immediately dispatched and nuke the shit out of Texas until it's a huge smoking crater, thus taking care of our immigration problems by creating a natural barrier between us and Mexico.

The Nerv of Some People!

Just a little rant:

Folks, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a great show. Is it the best show ever? No. Is it the best show of its kind? Not even. Is it one of the best? Maybe. Is it perfect? No. Fuck, though, if it isn't extremely well directed most of the time, with all sorts of amazing scene composition, human behavior study, and great mecha action set to beautiful music. It's still my favorite Gainax production, next to Wings of the Honneamise and Ebichu Minds The House.

True, it's been milked more than the Guidas Supercow and most of its first generation of American fans either never got over their initial reactions or are just complete fucking retards. True, companies in Japan put out as many Evangelion-related products as they can. True, it's not some complex theological tapestry, an allegory for the modern man. It's a mecha/shonen program with a "monster of the week" format and somewhat convulted underpinnings.

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