What's Your Beef?: Stop Milking Your Feud, It's Udderly Ridiculous

So, it appears that a whole calvacade of folks come here (though it's more likely to be the same one person posing as different people) just to fucking troll me about things that have largely been settled, because they're pathetic and possibly have more time on their hands than even I do. So I've opened this entry up to comments where people can air out their greivances with me without bitching in any of the other article comments. Other articles are only about the things they cover, not your silly little feuds with me, so get it all out in the open here, get it off your chest, and then shut the fuck up and move on.


How to Piss off Conservatives on Twitter

Enjoy a little parody of this deliciously retarded article...


I never thought that pissing off Conservatives would become one of my favorite hobbies of all time but it has so I thought I'd share some ways you too can Piss off a Conservative. These pissing off tips can be used probably anywhere but since I spend way too much time on Twitter and only allow Conservatives on my Facebook page, that's my focus.

I hope you enjoy much success in your quest to Piss of Conservatives. I promise you it's lots of fun!!

1. Use facts and logic. Conservatives hate and despise facts and logic. Neither make sense to them. They cannot understand either. They use neither. They only use emotion to promote their 'cause'.

Mom blames manga, library, for putting her son into "home for extensive therapy"

Looks like ignorant, irresponsible, parents are at it again...

A Japanese serial graphic novel genre popular with young teens has raised the ire of a Crestview mother whose teenage son got hold of an adult version of the genre from the Crestview Public Library. “Manga” depicts highly stylized adventure and, occasionally, violence in fantasy settings.

Margaret Barbaree, founder of a citizens’ group called Protect Our Children, presented examples from a manga book to the Crestview City Council Monday evening that she described as “graphic” and “shocking,” taken from material she said is “available to children” at the Crestview Public Library.
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“My son lost his mind when he found this,” Barbaree said of the manga book from which her examples were taken. She said her son had removed the book unsupervised from the library’s general stacks last summer and put it in his backpack. “Now he’s in a home for extensive therapy.” Earlier this year, Barbaree had circulated a petition bearing 226 signatures of citizens protesting the availability of manga, which she mistakenly referred to as “anime,” which is actually Japanese animation. However library said some patrons complained they were misled when they signed the petition. “They told us she (Barbaree) approached them at the Christmas parade and asked them to sign a petition protesting pornography in the library,” said Resource Librarian Sandra Dreaden. Barbaree said Library Director Jean Lewis explained to her that there is a demand for manga, and that the library strives to meet the needs of its patrons. Council President Charles Baugh Jr. assured Barbaree that “We have safeguards in place to protect our children and we have committees that review library purchases so they meet the standards of the [American] Library Association.” The books that concerned Barbaree “are in the library for those who wish to partake of them and they are in a section of the library” for adult patrons, said Baugh, who visited the library himself the day after the council meeting and said he found the manga available in the young adult section perfectly innocuous. “We follow up with our citizens’ concerns,” Baugh said after meeting with library staff and viewing the young adult manga. Baugh also confirmed that the book Barbaree’s son had accessed was in the general stacks well away from the children’s and young adult books. “Our library is well managed and well staffed,” Baugh told Barbaree while assuring her, “I am a family man and I understand what you are saying.” Lewis said the manga available in the young adult section of the library is oriented toward young teen readers and does not contain the adult themes of the book Barbaree’s son took. That book had been in the general stacks, on a top shelf in a section with other graphic novels and comic books not geared toward young readers. “We have policies and procedures in place to prevent underage children from accessing those materials,” Baugh said. [Crestview News Bulletin]

Brainwashing? Think of it as cleansing them of (your) idiocy.

Oh, lordy, lordy. Won't anyone please save the children from our evil, socialist dictator President and his speech on the importance of education?!

This is the new mental illness of the right, that Obama is going to hypnotize school children into being some sort of Lenin-worshipping communist puppets of the state. How? Why, by talking to them via TV broadcast about... here we go... the importance of staying in school!

Dun dun dunnnnn!

Oh, but it can't be that simple! I'm sure Hitler... er, I mean, Obama, has some sort of spiral wheel spinning in the background to lull the children to sleep as he whispers words of liberalism into their fresh, squishy young minds. Soon, they'll be thinking of evil things such as helping the environment and helping out their fellow man!

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