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Every Single Evangelion Discussion On The Internet (or The Evangelion Discussion Drinking Game)


I love Neon Genesis Evangelion. But it's a polarizing show. Some people think it's brilliant, some think it's trash. Some people think it's brilliant for the wrong reasons. Some people don't pick up on why it's good because they feel betrayed by it not being what they originally thought it was and miss its real complexities. But, for whatever reason, pretty much any discussion you're going to encounter about Evangelion, pretty much any message board thread and the like, is going to go the same way. And this is why I avoid discussing Evangelion most of the time. Not because I'm afraid of debating it, but because it's such a pointless excercise at this point.

Angel Hunt... Now on YouTube!

My first real AMV, Angel Hunt, is now on YouTube. I realize a lot of people don't have Vimeo accounts and YouTube is more accessible (I guess) so I finally threw it up there as well. At least until someone sends 'em a bullshit DMCA take down notice because they don't know crap about fair use. Anyhow, enjoy... again...

UPDATE! - Surprise, surprise, it's been removed because of a copyright claim from 株式会社カラー. What a bunch of cunts. It's clearly protected under Fair Use, as are the other 5000 other Eva AMVs currently on YouTube. A counter notice has been submitted. This is why I'm reluctant to submit to YouTube, no common sense. In the meantime it's still available for viewing via Vimeo.

Not So Canon Anime Moment: Eva-04 vs Ramiel

From the video description: Kaworu spears Ramiel and of course mentions his Shinji in a video created for the Evangelion Pachinko(pinball/slot machine) devises. Apart from containing Kaworu and his penchant for penetrating others and talking about Shinji(He's obviously trying to impress Shin by showing off his skills in that respect;D) its one of the few Gainax/Khara produced videos that shows Unit 4 as something other than a mushroom cloud.

Evangelion 2.22 Screen Shots

Click Here to View the Screen Shots!

Spoiler Warning: These screen shots cover the entire movie. If you're awaiting a juicy first viewing I recommend caution!

Can't wait for Evangelion 2.22 to be released here in the US? Or your torrent to finish downloading? Checked out these brand new 260 screen shots from the epic movie. More will probably be added later on, watch for any updates via Twitter!

Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone Review

"You Are (Not) Alone" *****SPOILERS***** Synopsis:

The year is 2014. Shinji Ikari is a fourteen year old boy who has come to Tokyo-3 at his father's beckoning. However, the city has come under attack from a giant creature called an Angel. He meets Misato Katsuragi, who takes him to an underground fortress where his father works for a group called Nerv who battles Angels. There, Shinji discovers he's been chosen to pilot an Evangelion, a synthetic, humanoid weapon, called an Evangelion. Reluctantly, to prevent the further injuring of another pilot, Rei Ayanami, Shinji elects to pilot the Eva Unit 01 and fight the Angel, Sachiel. Shinji uses the Evangelion, but loses consciousness during the battle. The Eva Unit goes berserk on its own and destroys the Angel.

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