Noa Izumi

Voice Actor Comparison: Patlabor - Noa Izumi

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic My pick: Miina Tominaga Reasoning: Tominaga's Noa Izumi isn't just spirited, but also fierce-sounding when she needs to be. She gives Noa a fitting tomboyish edge, too. My favorite English voice for the character is Elisa Wain from the dub of the OVAs and TV series. She also has a spirited voice for the character, but her acting isn't quite on par with Tominaga or some of the others, like Ruff or Taylor. However, in some ways it serves Noa because she is such an oddball in some ways. I am curious as to where Michelle Ruff would have taken the role if she had more lines. Breakdown: Tominaga > Wain > Taylor = Ruff > Glassco

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