Under the Cel Shading - #1 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

In a world where cartoons are pervasive in their presence and varying in their entertainment, there are so much triumphs and so much trip-ups that we can't sit and savour them all like glasses of iced tea. So... I welcome you to what is Under the Cel Shading, where we down such moments in animation. They are the moments that are so obscure, so forgotten, so bad, so shocking, so violent, and so good, and I'm here to dole out a cool glass in this weltering heatwave that is the world of animation. And let us start with my premiere! Come join me for some iced tea and animation won't you?


How are you gentlemen?

Gentlemen, I like Pokémon.
Gentlemen, I like Pokémon.

Gentlemen, I love Pokémon.

I like Turtwig.
I liek Mudkips (who doesn't?).
I like aggresive Pokémon.
I like defensive Pokémon.

In fields, on bicycle roads, in caves, on tundra, in desert, on sea, in sky, in mud, in abandoned power plants.

I like single battles, I like earning money. I like withdrawing, I like changing up. I like running away from wild Pokémon too strong for my newbies. I love every aspect of Pokémon, save for the cartoon past the first season, or the puzzle games.

I like blowing away the Bug-Types with Thunder.

When an enemy loses all his HP, my heart dances.

I like crushing the enemy Pokémon with the Blastoise saved in my Silver game.

When I mowed down the Elite Four, who fled screaming from their headquarters, with a team of level 100 Pokémon, my heart leapt.

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