Otaku Evolution Episode 150 - Pokémon: The First Movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back)

I had this one in the works for a while. In fact, I had the scaled-down Pokémon version of my Penguinopolis bedroom done years ago, just in case I ever covered something from the franchise. I didn't do anything as fancy as, say, do customized battle screens or anything, but let's put that on a back burner, should I ever return to Pokémon in the future. For now, enjoy my 150th (!!!) video, on Mewtwo Strikes Back!

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How are you gentlemen?

Gentlemen, I like Pokémon.
Gentlemen, I like Pokémon.

Gentlemen, I love Pokémon.

I like Turtwig.
I liek Mudkips (who doesn't?).
I like aggresive Pokémon.
I like defensive Pokémon.

In fields, on bicycle roads, in caves, on tundra, in desert, on sea, in sky, in mud, in abandoned power plants.

I like single battles, I like earning money. I like withdrawing, I like changing up. I like running away from wild Pokémon too strong for my newbies. I love every aspect of Pokémon, save for the cartoon past the first season, or the puzzle games.

I like blowing away the Bug-Types with Thunder.

When an enemy loses all his HP, my heart dances.

I like crushing the enemy Pokémon with the Blastoise saved in my Silver game.

When I mowed down the Elite Four, who fled screaming from their headquarters, with a team of level 100 Pokémon, my heart leapt.

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