Anime I'd Like To See Licensed For R1

Anime I'd Like To See Licensed for Region 1 DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray: Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Sweeping epic space opera, deeply immersed in the philosophy of politics, war, and life. It's 110 episodes long, which means a long wait if it were released volume-by-volume, with three or four episodes per, but if they made season boxsets and released one or two a year, they would have it done in two to four years and it would be awesome. I suggest David Wittenburg as Yang Wen-li in the dub. David Kaye as Reinhard von Lohengramm. Extras could include models, soundtracks, booklets with linear art for ships and/or notes pertaining to the classical music used in each episode. I would guess that a company like Bandai Entertainment or AnimeEigo would pick this up. Maybe Central Park Media. Turn A Gundam - Bandai did once promise that it would eventually bring over all Gundam productions into the R1 market, but I think at the time they were counting on SEED and SEED Destiny to do exceptionally well, and they didn't quite make GW sales. Gundam doesn't do all that well in the R1 market, so I doubt we'll be seeing this title out anytime soon, but I actually had a dream that it was released - and that was before I even saw it! It's probably Tomino's best series in terms of writing and character consistancy, even if the pacing is a bit off. Of course, Bandai Entertainment or Bandai Visual would pick this one up, were it seen as marketable. I hope they would use the good sense of choosing the Ocean Group's Vancouver bunch, and not the Blue Water one from Calgary. Anything to prevent the repeat of the Zeta Gundam dub. Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection and Lupin III: Episode 0: First Contact - It's unfortunate that Geneon went under, because I enjoyed the voices of Lupin and his group provided by the Phuuz Studio that they used for its dub. It's likely that FUNimation will likely get these two movies eventually and use their weak in-house studio with Sonny Strait as Lupin and Christopher Sabat as Jigen. To me, in a dub, Tony Oliver is Lupin III. Anyway, these two are probably the best Lupin movies made in the past ten or so years, along with Missed By A Dollar. I'm a big Lupin III fan, so any new Lupin releases in the U.S. is good news to me. Space Battleship Yamato (proper) - A while back, Voyager Entertainment released Starblazers on DVD, but it was the dub-only version of SBY, and even though they did release the Yamato movies on DVD (I have the boxset), I'd like to see the proper TV series(es) released, as well. Central Anime's fansubs are excellent, Voyager should think about hiring them to do it. They could even include the notes Central Anime inserts in the credits of their fansubs. Central Anime also fansubbed Legend of the Galactic Heroes, now that I think of it. Wow, that group is truly epic. As for a release of SBY, I suggest season boxsets with thinks like Yamato crew t-shirts or patches as extras. Also, double-sided discs, like Bandai's release of Ronin Warriors, which had Yoroiden Samurai Troopers on the other side. No dub.

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