ApctConnect is a tad Ridiculous

The other day I found a little notice stuff in my apartment door. It was information to sign up with AptConnect.com. A website that apparently serves as a fun little online social community when a real life community is too lazy to communicate between their apartment door and car. Okay, no, I don't know anyone who lives here. Irregardless, AptConnect wanted to get to know me. Nothing wrong with that in theory... well let's just say that their survey process needs a bit of work...
If you have interested, check here. If not, select the things you're not interested in below. Money & Investing, interest. Networking, interest. Electronics, interest. Sedans? Non-interest.
I love playing X Games!
Are you interested in breakups? Let's chat. Also, "Upkeep?" "Find men and women looking to change oil and test tire pressure."
Are you in High School? Let's talk. Only interested in High School? Send me a pic ;)
Science & History: Composed only of History and Science

Fantastic! Now I know more than enough about which neighbors need to be avoided.

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