Archive Reference: What I need to know about chemical compatibility by Jack Jella

This an archive replica of a blog post What I need to know about chemical compatibility written by Jack Jella circa 2014, from the National Association of Scale Aeromodelers. It's been referenced over on the Layman's Gunpla Guide for many years and it appears that it has been pulled from the original site. I'm guessing it got left behind when they did a global site redesign. In order to preserve it better I've created this archive copy. For further reference here's the original link, the Wayback Machine Archive, and the last Google search cache




What I Need To Know About Chemical Compatibility

By: Jack Jella

An AMA newsletter recently published this interesting chart prepared by Mr. Jack Jella, displaying chemical compatibility of some finishing materials, commonly found in our hobby.


  • Vinyl spackle IS compatible OVER polyester resin.
  • Vinyl spackle IS NOT compatible UNDER polyester resin.
  • C   indicates compatibility.   N  indicates not compatible.


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