BFM Podcast 9 - Protect Me, Please!

Moe is the Japanese subculture that's been flooding most anime these days. Those cute characters that just beg to be protected. It's that sort of thing. We also talk a bit about anime we've been watching recently such as Eden of the East, Strawberry 100%, and Azumanga Daioh. Download the episode, subscribe on itunes, see a youtube playlist of things we discuss and check out the show notes after the jump! ranka Intro - What's your DAY? Segment: Moe - K-ON, The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star Agenda: Anime - Azumanga Daioh, Eden of the East, Strawberry 100% BS and/or Wrap-Up: EAR PWR, Zen Pinball (PS3). This is where we wrap up our 5 episode extravaganza thing, and say things we'd rather say instead of waiting two weeks. Housekeeping: itunes | RSS | MP3 | | twitter | youtube

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