Customized MG Banshee Gundam


I wanted to take a few minutes to share some photos and some thoughts for a quick build I put together. The fantastic GoodGuyDan is having a Unicorn build off this month and as I have a unquenchable thirst for Unicorn kits I had to participate. Instead of building one of the several RG 'corns that I have waiting for love, or the MGEX that just came in, I figured I'd help an old boy out. Specifically, this one,

I can't remember where I got this Banshee - probably a part of numerous used kit auctions I keep getting myself into. I like a good charity case and this one needed a lot of love. Dust, terrible nub marks, and a part missing here and there. I recently just discovered the treasure trove of cheap (well, before you consider shipping in the era of Covid) leftover and extra "junk" parts available on Yahoo Japan. Way back in the day, probably around the time I built my PG Strike Freedom, I had the idea of putting the same wings on a Unicorn kit. It seemed like a waste to buy a Strike Freedom just for the wings to I tabled the idea for nearly a decade. 

To start this project off I fixed the nub marks, dove through some of my extra Unicorn parts, and got to painting. There's a bit of depth in the outer armor, which I painted a dark gray then post-shaded with an even darker gray. The wings and some detail parts I painted black. But after gloss coat, for decals, and another flat coat, the albedo shifted enough that you can barely tell. For the pyscho frame I put down a light coat of orange then went over the edges in red. It gives a lot of depth to the pieces but doesn't show up all that well in photos. Here's a video I posted to my Instagram that I think helps highlight it a bit...






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I did experiment a bit, first with pla plate which I hate. Simply because I have no artistic vision. I had so many ideas on what to do and at the end of the day they're all rubbish. I also cut away at the outer frame a bit which, for the most part, turned out nicely. Though it's not something overtly noticable to non-Unicornaholics. 

Anyhow, here are a few photos. Enjoy!

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