Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 28 Review

Episode 28, "The Super Decisive Battle Draws Near! The Ginyu Special-Squad Has Arrived!" *****SPOILERS*****

Synopsis: Gohan and Kuririn fly towards Saichoro's place. Vegeta detects them and pursues. On the ship to Namek, Goku decides he's finished training and rests. Kuririn decides to stay behind and distract Vegeta while Gohan goes to get his hidden power unlocked. Vegeta doesn't fall for it and heads off to Saichoro's. Gohan is powered up, but Vegeta isn't impressed. Then everyone feels five powers arrive on the planet. Vegeta knows who they are: the Ginyu Special Forces. Vegeta panics and promises not to hurt the Earthlings, as long as they let him become immortal to defeat the coming threat. Reluctantly, Kuririn agrees, and they retrieve the four-star ball from Bulma, and head off to join it with the others. The Ginyu Special Forces arrive in grand style.

Comments: NAMEK - Learning of their good friend Appule's death, the Ginyu Special Forces have arrived via spacepod on Namek on Tuesday to attend a special memorial event. Their agent, Kiwi, also died recently in a fight with Appule's killer, a tragic circumstance that police are still baffled by. The group's previously scheduled concert on Yadarat has been delayed until further notice. A spokesman for the group, the Giant Namekian Crab, said of this, "Blub glub, blub glubbly blub glub". Lord Freeza, uncontested ruler of the galaxy, had previously called on the Ginyu Special Forces in the past to perform on Namek, but they were not set to come for another week. The event had been moved back again after the death of a stagehand, by Freeza himself, for incompetence. We applaud Freeza's decision and his unquestionable authority in this and all matters, in perpetuity, throughout the universe. Of this, Freeza said, "Oh my, yes, it was quite the nuisance. I daresay, the fellow went right to pieces on me. Oh ho ho ho ho." And on the subject of the Ginyu Special Forces: "Well, they had better have brought that scouter I ordered, or I may have to slaughter them as well. Well, probably just that little chap. Guldo, I believe his name is. The time-stopping fellow." Freeza went on to express his delight that, indeed, the Ginyu Special Forces would be performing their new hit, "Sanjou!! GINYUU Tokusentai!!" in front of a live audience consisting soley of him, and then moving to the concert grounds to perform in front of visiters from the planet Earth, in memory of the fallen Appule. "Glub blub blubbly glub," Crab added. "Glub blub blub glubbity blub." A representative from the Earthlings, Bulma Briefs, had this to say: "Fuck those guys. Unless they're bringing me a man with a dick the width of a beer can... and also some beer... I don't want to hear their shitty song." The memorial concert is set for the late afternoon. Tickets are still on sale. - ASS PRESS OVERALL SCORE: 3.5 out of 5 (Tokusentai! Tokusentai!)

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