Dragon Ball Kai - Episode 54 Review

Episode 54, "Goku Vanishes in Space... Super Warriors, Return to Life!", or "Dr. Brief: Shitty Neighbor"

On Kaio's planet, fart clouds are blue!DENIED!


Synopsis: Kaio checks the area where Namek was, and detects no sign of Goku. Yamcha decides to deliver the news to Bulma and the group on Earth via Kaio. Bulma blurts out the news to everyone, but despite Yamcha's admonishment, stays cheerful. She says that Goku can be brought back with the Namekian Dragon Balls. However, Kaio says that Goku died on a planet that no longer exists, so if he or Kuririn were brought back, they would appear in the vacuum of space, where they would die again. Vegeta suggests that they wish their spirits to Earth and restore them from there. Bulma offers to let the Namekians and Vegeta stay with her at Capsule Corp. Chi-Chi arrives where the others are, concerned about Gohan. Time passes, and Porunga is summoned, but the dragon tells everyone that Goku cannot be wished back, as he is not dead. Kuririn is wished back. They then to wish Goku back to Earth, but the dragon says he refuses to return, and will do so on his own accord. Angry, Vegeta blasts off in a spare spaceship. With another wish, Yamcha is returned to life. Over time, Tenshinhan and Chaozu are also wished back and the Namekians are wished to another planet suitable for them. More time passes and things are peaceful.

"YOU KNOCKED UP BULMA?!"Mouri has thirteen mistresses, too.


Chi-Chi wields a +3 battle sword!Seriously, Dr. Brief is a horrible neighbor.

Overall Score:

3 out of 5

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