Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods Clip

Wow, that looks, moves, and sounds fucking gorgeous. Guaranteed purchase from me when we get it over here. Unf. The only problem I have is that there's a weird glare, an over saturation of color, I think. It can be a little overwhelming.


I wonder how Kaio got a new planet? This one seems bigger than the previous one. I know that in the notes for the movie, Toriyama said it was Birusu who made Kaio's previous planet small to begin with because he destroyed most of it and Kaio had to reconstruct it. Now Kaio has a bigger planet and Birusu appears and wrecks it again? What a bad guest.


I love that there's just enough comedy but also gravity in the situation.



(This fucking Word Verification bullshit chaps my ass, by the way.)

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