Dragon Ball Z Goku Scene Comparisons

You watch this, you ignorant little shitfucks. I'm not going to say this shit again (today). I'll show you how to watch this 20 something year old overly long action cartoon for eight year olds the right fucking way (my way). Now, I've had these videos up on my YT account for a while, but I wanted to put them here anyway, in case you don't magically know my account name, because you can't read my mind (how much more worthless can you be?). Now, to some of you, this is preaching to the choir. If you're here and you don't already agree with me on everything (all four of you), you should pay attention. If you do agree with me, sit back down. You're not getting that third slice of Sarah Lee's banana cream pie just yet, and keep that Pabst Blue Ribbon away from your laptop, it'll spill and you won't be able to angrily fap to incest hentai if it ruins your computer, you festering piles of mule snot.




I have to end this now before I turn this whole damn blog into a Dragon Ball blog (which I have no intention to, because fuck you, I like better anime than this). Drop a link to this wherever fans of the English dub infect.


"But Penguin Truth, would you condemn an entire contingency of DBZ fans based on some minor differences?" you may ask.


If you've asked this, you should be set afire and tossed down a flight of metal stairs into a brick wall lined with rusty AIDS needles. That dub is indefensible schlock. I know it's a dumb show, but it doesn't need to be even dumber.



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