Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 38 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 38, "Clash in Baschool"

Hey, that's not funny. Eddie Valiant's brother died that way.



Synopsis: Edward and Alphonse manage to give Kimbley's men the slip to look for May on their own. Eventually finds them herself, excited to see Al. Marcoh and Yoki appear, too, with Yoki recalling Edward's effect on his life. Once in charge of the mining town of Youswell, Edward saw that he was mistreating the citizens and swindled him out of the deed to the mines, which he sold to the people. Yoki was wanted by the military and blames Edward, but the alchemist doesn't care. Kimbley's men, Jelso and Zanpano, find Scar, and transform, revealing themselves to be chimera. Marcoh tells Ed the importance of Scar's safety, as he is the only one who can translate part of his brother's notes. Scar is cornered by the dangerous chimera, but Ed and Al show up and defeat them soundly, intending to get information out of Scar themselves. Miles arrives and tells the Elrics he'll handle the rest. Winry is again face-to-face with the man who killed her parents. Buccaneer and his group return from the tunnel and he reports to Olivier. Officials from Central return demanding to see her. Back in town, there's an explosion and Scar appears to have kidnapped Winry.


Is it just me or do the chimera have some of the most stock "growly monster" voices? Well, I have to admit a bias against them. I really don't care for the chimera characters outside of Greed's original gang.


I think I'm kind of warming up to the Yoki flashback. I still think it's a little too little, too late, but the voice actor for Yoki sells the absurdity of it. The annoying thing is, it's really not that necessary at this juncture to make the connection between the Elric brothers and Yoki. Oh, and did you notice that Alphonse isn't in the flashback? I guess since Edward was the one who orchestrated the plan that made Yoki lose his position, Al just isn't important.


Unfortunately, Caitlin Glass' Winry sounds pretty unconvincing. This is especially true when she calls out to Scar to "STOP!" It sounds like there's really no power or conviction in the delivery. Though I really can't say she's as bad as she was in the first series. She has improved somewhat, so perhaps she'll continue to.


Overall ENGLISH DUB Score: 3 out of 5

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