Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 46 ENGLISH DUB Review

Episode 46, "The Creeping Shadow"

"Looking to trade up?"




Synopsis: Time passes, and the time of the Risembool Sheep Festival arrives. A military train is at the train station, and Miles is among soldiers there. Winry is escorted secretly back to her house, where she encounters Edward, Greedling, and the chimeras. Winry tells Ed that Alphonse is in the train, but Ed decides is safer not to go visit him. Winry adjusts Ed's automail and tells him about Lior's recovery and that she knows about "the promised day". Ed and his group leave at night for Kanama, to meet up with Hohenheim. In Lior, Scar and Marcoh meet with the other chimeras, and they all meet up with a group of Ishbalans. More time passes, and in the East, the training excercises between the East and the North are being overseen by Fuhrer King Bradley. This concerns General Grumman and Miles who try to come up with a plan to get rid of him. Alphonse wanders out of the train and is chased by Gluttony and Pride, who eventually capture him. In Central, Roy pays Olivier a visit and passes along what he knows about Selim. General Hakuro informs Bradley of the information he gathered about a coup attempt about to be made with the help of the Ishbalans, leading Bradley to take a train home, which is destroyed by soldiers working for Mustang and Grumman. In Central, Olivier considers making her move, but Father arrives with Sloth.




All right, I'm back after a very short break. I might need to take some from to time.


Funny thing about this episode. When it first aired on Japanese TV, on TBS (no, not the Conan TBS, the Evening 5 TBS) there was some sort of storm warning map of Japan on the screen during most of it. So I still have screenshots of Winry hitting Ed and Japan with her wrench.


Edward and Winry do quite a bit of interacting in the beginning of the episode. Vic Mignogna's Ed and Caitlin Glass' Winry do work a bit better together than on their own, I've noticed. I guess I can't complain about that. They're still not great, though, even after all this time.


Troy Baker's Greed is as excellent as ever. I love when he's giving Edward his perspective on greed and desire. It's one of my favorite Greed scenes. You can tell the character really lives by that philosophy. It helps to fill him in, make him believable. It's something I doubt Chris Patton ever would have been capable of doing as well.


Roy and Olivier interact in this episode, and they play well off each other. Travis Willingham's Roy is so natural now, it's just Roy, not some guy doing the English voice of Roy. He's every bit the VA either of the Japanese voices were. Stephanie Young is still fantastic as Olivier. Their scene together is one of the highlights of the dub of this episode, though the scene itself isn't so bad on its own. Especially with Olivier's reaction to Roy's flowers (probably still had some leftover from the Armstrong family florist).


Don't you just love "random lackey voice #4403039330-B" and others for Bradley's close subordinates? I guess I don't mind since the Japanese voices for them don't sound like they put any effort in either. I just find it funny that characters like Breda and Falman also sound like that.


Overall ENGLISH DUB Score:


4 out of 5


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