Gundam AGE Episode 05 Review

 Episode 05, "The Demon Boy"

Synopsis:  Emily is concerned when she overhears Flit commit to continue piloting the Gundam.  As the Diva nears the colony Fardain, Captain Grodek is contacted by Federation authorities who plan to strip him of his command (which he usurped). Grodeck blackmails the official who comes to arrest him. Emily confronts him about his behavior and he reveals his attack plan to her. Flit encounters a boy named Desil who gives him a strange feeling.  The UE attack Fardain and Desil gets in the Gundam, taking off in it. Flit and Woolf launch in Geoaces to retrieve it, but Desil easily takes out enemy MS. Desil later meets with cloaked people. 
It looked like Grodek's actions were coming back to haunt him. However, with a little blackmail, he managed to avoid arrest. I doubt this is the last we'll hear/see of this matter, though. Grodek commandeered a Federation battleship and its mobile suits. The top brass won't stay silent on this. But I thought it was extremely smooth how he handled it for the time being. He really is my favorite character. 
Emily is really starting to freak out. She's determined to stop Grodek and prevent Flit from becoming a soldier for the Federation. Her heart is in the right place- she's concerned for Flit's safety and doesn't like Grodek's dishonesty- but something tells me she's on a downward spiral of sanity. I hope they don't make her lose her mind completely. Then again, it might be more interesting that way. 
Flit meets mysterious youngster Desil in this episode. Desil gives Flit the same feeling he had when he was with Yurin a few episodes back. And somehow he's not all he seems to be. I wonder if the masked man in the cloak who came to him at the end of the episode will be the Char of this series. It seems like Yurina and Desil are Newtypes, but they might not call them that in this series.
Overall Score:
3.5 out of 5

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