Gundam AGE Episode 06 Review

 Episode 06 , "The Light and Shadow of Fardain"


Synopsis:  Flit tells Emily he's not going to resettle in Tordia. Woolf visits a friend who he orders a custom mobile suit from. Flit and Emily find themselves in the middle of a mobile suit battle in the city. They're saved by a man named Iwark Bria, who takes them to the slums. Iwark tells them that the conflict sprang from the old colonial war from years past. Grodek visits a man named Don Boyage and requests four warships which he's willing to sell for military secrets. When Iwark's daughter goes missing, he climbs into his own mobile suit with Flit and Emily. After they find the girl, Iwark goes off on his own to fight the other mobile suits. Flit requests that Vargas bring him the Gundam. Once in the Gundam, Flit confronts the other mobile suits. A UE mobile suit arrives and Flit engages it, but it suddenly disappears. Flit becomes surrounded by other mobile suits.
Emily's really starting to annoy me. It's one thing if they're planning to have her spiral down until she's crazy, but as she is now, she's just nerve-wracking. We get it, you don't want Flit to join the military. But if you're so worried about him dying, why don't you join up as well and chip in somehow, making it less likely that he'll die? I understand her frustration, but she comes across as overprivledged. You can't isolate yourself from the conflict occuring. 
I wonder what the colonial wars were all about. Maybe it was just like the Federation-Zeon conflict in Mobile Suit Gundam. But actually, it doesn't appear that there's any real big difference between the two sides. We don't really find out whether or not it was a war for colony independence or what. It's just two different colored MS firing at each other in the middle of a frickin' city. Shouldn't the colony have Federation protection against this kind of thing? 
Both Woolf and Grodek are ordering something. Woolf wants a custom mobile suit, which I'm looking forward to seeing (though his current white one is pretty neat). Grodek wants ships, and he's willing to exchange them for classified information. He's not a very good Federation officer. He's totally doing things for his own ideals and with his own plan. I wonder how many of the crew of the Diva, if any, know what he's up to. Surely he can't keep it up for much longer, though I doubt he plans to. I don't see things ending well for Grodek, which is a shame, because so far he's my favorite character. 
Is that guy with the orange 'fro going to finally pilot a MS? 


Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5



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