Gundam AGE Episode 09 Review

 Episode 09, "The Secret Mobile Suit"

Synopsis: Woolf takes Flit, Emily, and Dique to a space station to meet the designer/engineer of the G-Exes, Madorna. They're amazed at the mobile suit factory. Mardona shows the group a mobile suit that appears to be a UE one. Before he can tell them about the person who brought it to him, the mobile suit springs to life and starts firing. Flit and Woolf get in mobile suits to stop the UE suit. Flit ends up engaging it out in space. Woolf arrives to distract the UE MS while Flit retrieves the Gundam. Vargas launches the Titus and Flit transfers to it. The UE MS is extremely fast and neither Flit nor Woolf can get it. Suddenly the MS retreats, stunning everyone. Madorna tells the group that it was a man named Yark Dole (a masked man seen previously in ep 5), an arms dealer who brought him the UE MS. Later, back at the Diva, Grodek announces their next destination is Colony Minsry. He explains that his belief is that the UE are hiding out in a base there and that he's not their captain. Emily speaks up in defense of Grodek. Flit pledges to fight alongside Grodek. Woolf agrees to stay, too, as well as others. Suddenly more UE suits are detected. 
Well, now, this was a decent episode. 
I think the biggest thing that happened in this episode was Emily's development. This is due in part to Madorna's girlfriend, Laraparly giving her a little talking to. Emily was still fretting over Flit risking his life, but Laraparly tells her to risk her life with Flit. It's clear that Flit is going to stay as a pilot, so her options are pretty much support him or leave him. With Emily choosing the former, I'm guessing she's going to stay on the crew just to be around Flit. I'd like to see her get some kind of job on the ship, liking bringing food around or becoming a bridge bunny. Something other than piloting.
Also of note is Emily's defense of Grodek's actions. Grodek may be acting in part out of revenge (or even mostly), but what he's doing is right. Emily, who had hated Grodek for keeping things to himself sticks up for him when he finally tells the truth to his crew. I think Laraparly's words probably inspired her to do this as well, plus she was waiting for Grodek become more honest. Now the entire crew is as guilty as Grodek is of disobeying the Federation.
Another thing I noticed is that Madorna was astonished that Flit is a member of the Asuno family. Apparently the Asunos are a famous family, but other than his mother being dead, there's nothing else we know about Flit's family. I have a feeling we'll find out more about it in the near future. 
Why did Flit, Emily, and Dique freak out when Laraparly kissed Madorna? It wasn't even on the lips and they were blushing. 
We see a brief cameo of the little boy Desil from a few episodes back. Apparently he has control over the UE mobile suit that Madorna was souping up. The masked man Yark Dole is the same weapons dealer that gave the Zalam and Euba their mobile suits and if he's connected to the UE, it seems like he's manipulating everything for profit. But as a guy in a mask I think there is probably some ideological slant to his actions. I just wonder what Desil is in it for. Just to have fun, like Bud in Patlabor
Next episode looks to be full of action. 
Overall Score:

3.5 out of 5



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