Gundam AGE Episode 12 Review

 Episode 12, "The Rebels Set Sail"




Synopsis: The Diva prepares to depart from Minsry. Federation forces intercept them as they leave. Reasoning with them fails and Grodek refuses to surrender. Zalam and Euba ships come to the Diva's defense. The stalemate is broken when UE appear and attack everyone. Flit, Woolf, and Largan attack the UE in their mobile suits. The Diva is allowed to pass by the Federation ships to fire at the UE. The Federation ship then fires its own weapons at the UE, causing them to retreat. The Diva is allowed to continue on its way. Later, Grodek surmises that Flit could be a "X-Rounder", a person with extrasensory skills. Back at Minsry, Desil and the cloaked men threaten Yurin.


Honestly, could this show be more by-the-numbers? This is one of the most formuliac Gundam shows I've seen in a while. 
Gee, you're telling me that the guys who wanted to take Grodek in custody are swayed into letting him go after they stop a common enemy? Wow. I've certainly never seen that before. Totally not something you see often in anime. And who would ever see that coming? Not me. I was totally taken off guard. 
This show isn't just abominably tedious, but predictable too. What a waste of time. Even the action is supremely boring. 
We're introduced to the concept of "X-Rounders", this series' Newtypes. I expected them to get to this eventually, given all the little reactions Flit's been having around Yurin and Desil, and now in battle as well. Since Yurin is obviously a X-Rounder, and given her encounter with the men in cloaks and relationship with Flit, it's pretty safe to say the predictability will continue with her untimely death oncoming. 


Overall Score:

3 out of 5



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