Gundam AGE Episode 19 Review

 Episode 19, "Asemu's Departure"

Synopsis: While Asemu joins the military, Zeheart is put in charge of the Veigan's occupation forces. Romary has also joined the Federation. Asemu and Romary are assigned to the Diva, along with Dique's daughter, Arisa. Millias Alloy is now the captain of the ship. On the ship, Asemu discovers the Gundam AGE-2. Woolf Enneacle is put in charge of mobile suit forces. The Diva encounters Veigan mobile suits and mobilizes its MS force, except Asemu who has to wait on the configuration of the AGE-2. When it's done, Asemu launches and supports the others. The Veigans go after the Diva, but he shoots them down. However, having disobeyed orders, Asemu is punished. 
So here we have another time skip to Asemu already being ordered to a ship. Time sure seems to move fast in the world of this show. They couldn't at least have given us a montage of Asemu in military academy? 
So Romary decided to join the military as a bridge bunny on the Diva. Interesting. I guess with her having an actual position on the ship makes her more useful than Emily was. Something I wonder about is if Flit outranks Milias? I mean, he was just a kid and a rookie pilot on the Diva but now he's a commander and she's just the ship's captain? I don't think it's fair to put Flit in a commanding role just because he was the Gundam pilot. Amuro Ray only made lieutenant by the time CCA came around. 
Another thing I wonder is why should Asemu be given the Gundam? In the first generation you can rationalize that he knew the Gundam better than anyone else, having developed it. I guess Asemu probably knows more about it than, say, Woolf, but he's a brand new pilot, and it's not like he's been out in the Gundam a whole lot. Plus, that was the old Gundam. The new Gundam is the most powerful MS, shouldn't it go to the most talented pilot? The guy who pilots it now disobeyed orders TWICE, first ignoring an order and then going down to the hanger when he was supposed to be confined to his quarters. And where are the soldiers to make sure he follows that? Milias sure sucks at her job. Grodek would have slapped his shit and thrown him in the brig. I think. Come to think of it, Grodek was pretty wonky, too. 
Speaking of the new Gundam, is it just me or is it a thinly disguised Gundam 00? 

Overall Score:


3.5 out of 5



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