Gundam AGE Episode 20 Review

 Episode 20, "The Red Mobile Suit"

Synopsis: Zeheart tests the Veigan MS, Zedas-R, but is disappointed. He visits a grown up Desil. The Diva enters a shoal zone to avoid combat. The Veigans ambush the ship. Zeheart sorties in the X-Rounder MS, Zeydra. Asemu engages Zeheart is combat and has difficulty thinking of him as an enemy. Zeheart defeats Asemu and threatens to kill him should he see him again on the battlefield. 
So, Desil has made his return to the show. He barely looks like he did as a child, but I guess that's growing up. Not only is he grown up, but he is seriously ripped, too. I bet he could take Flit on with his bare hands. Maybe he's ripped for that very reason. Being defeated so utterly as a child has made him driven to defeat the Gundam pilot. He's also got a serious entitlement thing going on and is not happy for Zeheart's promotion. There'll probably be some friction between the two.  
I've got to say, for all the different reasons they could have given Zeheart to wear a mask in this show, they actually came up with a pretty decent one, with the mask enabling the pilot to better channel their X-Rounder abilities into the MS. He's not hiding from his past or trying to fool anybody, he needs it for work. It's probably one of the show's better ideas, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't necessary at all. It's just a fun little thing. But the mask is upstaged by the absolutely ridiculous helmet he wears. That thing is way too bulky. 
Is it just me, or is Woolf the best character in this show? What was a kind of arrogant swagger in the first part of the series has become learned confidence. He's just that good. The only thing that could top this is Grodek showing up again. 
Overall Score:
3.5 out of 5


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