Gundam AGE Episode 21 Review

 Episode 21, "Phantoms in the Way"

Synopsis: Asemu tries to distract himself from thoughts of Zeheart. The Diva docks at the EFF command center, the Big Ring. Flit tells the crew that they're to help defend Big Ring from a Veigan attack. Asemu decides to take advanced piloting training. His grade for X-Rounder potential is a "D" so Woolf decides to cheer him up by taking him to see Madorna's Workshop. Asemu meets Madorna's son Rody who created a battle simulation machine. Asemu gets in and holds out for a few minutes against simulations of his father and Zeheart. He requests to try again. Both the Veigans and Federation prepare for the upcoming battle. 
So Flit really outranks Milias. Really? I mean, he certainly had a lot to do with the initial victory over the UE/Veigans, but you don't make him a commander just because he was a great pilot. What kind of leadership skills does Flit have? Milias makes sense because she probably worked her way through the ranks the normal way. At what point did Flit bypass her? If I were Milias, I would be absolutely humiliated. I can see Flit outranking Woolf, and even that's a little stretch, but fuck, Milias was second-in-command on the Diva, not Flit. Maybe she didn't get promoted that much because she was loyal to Grodek. 
Speaking of Flit, he's a bit of an asshole. When Asemu is down, Flit says, "As long as you have my blood you'll be fine." Yeah, thanks a lot, Dad. "As long as you have my blood" is such an arrogant thing to say. 
Wouldn't it be cool if Asemu really isn't a X-Rounder? I mean, we see his "D" grade in X-Rounder perception, but I'm sure the story is going to go to him being one after all, just in a way that makes it difficult to measure out of combat. But it would be neat if he just became a really badass normal like Woolf and yet still takes down Zeheart. 
Speaking of Zeheart, what is with Romary being so jealous that Flit got to see him again? He's the enemy and instead of being concerned for Asemu, Romary wishes she can see Zeheart again. I guess she wanted Zeheart more than Asemu. But nah, they probably won't go in that direction. That would be too interesting. 

Overall Score:


3.5 out of 5



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