Gundam AGE Episode 23 Review

 Episode 23, "The Suspicious Colony"

Synopsis: Grodek Aiona is finally released from Federation military prison. After the defeat at the Big Ring, Zeheart hears the complaints of the ace Magicians Eight unit. The Diva arrives at the Solon City colony, with Flit accompanying them, to investigate the Techno Solon company.  While Milias speaks with a representative, Woolf goes undercover and discovers a hanger with Veigan mobile suits. Flit intends to launch mobile suits, but Asemu objects on the grounds that there could be civilian casualties. Flit orders a launch and they arrive just in time to save Milias and Woolf. However, the city is damaged in the battle. After a while, Asemu decides to go into action with the AGE-2 and takes down the enemy MS. The secret Veigan base self-destructs. Asemu is put in the brig for his actions. Flit meets with Grodek. 
It must really get on Milias' nerves, having to take orders from Flit. I mean, he was just a little brat and now he's utterly bypassed her in rank, for no good reason. Just because somebody's a great pilot doesn't necessarily mean they have what it takes to command. Did Flit just suddenly become command material after that battle with the Veigans years ago? If I were Milias I'd have quit the Federation in disgust. It's bad enough they railroaded Grodek, but it seems like Flit only became a commander because he was a talented pilot. I haven't seen anything that points in another direction. 
Am I missing something here, or is the show trying to make us care about the redheaded guy and the girl with the glasses that works with Dique? Is this some sort of subplot that will lead to something relevant to the work as a whole? Because so far I'm not really getting into it. I really don't care if redhead gets with glasses girl. You can tell, because I have no idea what the names of those characters are and I'm watching the show. They both just seem like flat, bland characters who the viewer is supposed to find cute because of their awkwardness. But I'll give this a little time to see what blossoms. 
Flit's kind of a jerk. I don't like his attitude. I know they're at war with the Veigans but he seems pretty stringent. Grodek seemed to be a bit more flexible and had a warmer feel to him, even if he was out for revenge just like Flit. Though I have to admit, Flit was probably right to do what he did in this episode, and his reasoning was pretty sound. If they don't act an even greater tragedy could occur. If Flit hadn't ordered the MS deployment, it was very likely that Milias and Woolf would have been captured or killed. Asemu volunteered for the military, so his little tantrum was a bit hypocritical. Especially since he went out in the AGE-1 on his home colony a bunch of times and could have put civilians at risk. 
I really like that the grunt suits are using Titus parts. I wonder if they'll be using Spallow soon. 
Oh, and Grodek is back! So Flit outranks him too, probably! Shit.

Overall Score:


3.5 out of 5


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