Gundam AGE Episode 24 Review

Episode 24, "X-Rounder"

Synopsis: Flit meets with Grodek in a bar. Grodek tells Flit that there's a traitor in the Federation. On the Diva, Flit gets out of the brig. While out in the colony, he encounters Zeheart. Asemu admits that without fighting he won't be acknowledged by anyone.  Zeheart pulls a gun but Romary arrives and distracts him. Asemu takes Zeheart's gun and turns it on him, but Romary puts herself in between them. Zeheart escapes in his mobile suit. Asemu sorties in the Gundam, engaging Zeheart in battle. Flit arrives on the scene in the AGE-1 and Asemu is told to back up the other units in the fight with the Magician Eight units. Flit engages Zeheart and the two match each other's abilities. Dique sends the AGE-2 a new part, the Double Bullet. Asemu devestates the Magicians Eight, killing two of them. Zeheart the others retreat. At the same bar, Flit waits for Grodek, but Grodek is followed by a man who stabs him. Before Grodek dies he erases the data he had with me. The man is also killed.
NOOOOOOOOO, GRODEK! Why'd they have to kill of one of the best characters (probably the best character from Gen 1)? Though, I have to admit, I kind of had a feeling this would happen, especially when meeting with Flit and telling him he had important information that he would get to him the next time. Why not give him the information right away, if it was that important? And now that information is gone because Grodek deleted it, so now all Flit has to go on is a hunch that something fishy's going on. 
Blue Desil, Yark Dole's son, being the person to kill Grodek, fit well. I mean, Grodek totally rubbed it in his face after he killed his father. But then Blue Desil himself gets shot by a bunch of guys in trenchcoats, so it seems kind of a waste to bring him back just for that. Why didn't Blue Desil become a Veigan pilot like Desil? And who are those guys in the trenchcoat working for? I'm guessing it's that somebody who Grodek was suspicious of. But if the trenchcoat guys wanted Grodek dead, why not just shoot him themselves? The middle man seems kind of pointless. 
Man, is Milias going to be depressed. 
But let's get to Romary. Romary Romary Romary. They actually went in the direction I wanted them to, with Romary defending Zeheart. Nevermind that Zeheart and his lackies have been trying to kill the crew of the Diva, it looks as though Romary has stronger feelings for him than she does Flit. Could it be that she's in love with him instead of Asemu? Asemu now views her as a traitor. Interesting. Though predictably, I still fully expect a full reconciliation, because the third gen kid looks like he's Romary's son. It would be interesting if it were somebody else's, though. Like Dique's daughter, Arisa. She's pretty awesome. 
Well, the Magicians Eight- or should I call them the Magicians Six?- is a unit of X-Rounder jobbers. I guess they're following in the footsteps of the druggies from SEED and the Skittle Squad from 00. We know almost nothing about them except that they seem to be intended to be a special squadron and they're really cocky. But as soon as Asemu got that Double Bullet part, they were out of luck and jolly well fucked. Kind of a waste. 
Overall, though, it was a good episode. A lot of good drama. I expect quite a bit of fallout in the next episode. 

Overall Score:


4 out of 5


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