Gundam AGE Episode 26 Review

Episode 26, "The Earth... is our Eden"

Synopsis: The Veigans target Nortrum, a Federation production base. Flit makes the Diva the flagship of the fleet defending it. Desil is outraged that he's in the reserved forces. The Diva's mobile suit team launches. Zeheart launches as well. Combat begins. Asemu uses his Double Bullet to great effectiveness. Desil appears and fights both Asemu and Woolf. The Federation fires a giant laser weapon that the main Veigan ship survives intact due to Zeheart's warning. Desil activates his ability to control other mobile suits, but Woolf saves Asemu, only to be run through by Desil. After telling Asemu to become a super pilot, Woolf's mobile suit explodes. In a rage, Asemu attacks Desil, destroying his mobile suit. Flit launches in AGE-1. 
This was an awesome episode. 
Killing off Woolf could prove to be a big mistake in the future, since he was such a good character and added something to the mix, but he went out like a champ, saving Asemu so he can live on to be a SUPAA PAIRUTO. What I liked was that the death was a little surprising, but not completely out of nowhere. There were a few death flags before this, but when he kept surviving, they were easy to ignore. But I guess I should've known by the speech he gave Asemu in the last episode that something would happen to him. The result is that this death actually has a bit of impact, both on the characters and the viewer. My only problem is that somehow nobody gave a shit about Grodek's death (except Flit for about a moment), but Woolf's death is  mourned by all. Grodek probably can't rest in piece because of that. 
The Federation has a big ol' beam weapon that increases the effect of the Diva's main cannon. I think it was pretty neat, even if it didn't really do much. I want to see a similar to Zeta Gundam or 0083 fight to defend the laser parts so it can fire. I think the remaining members of the Losers Eight should attempt that. 
The loser Desil finally meets his end, not at Flit's hands, but by his son's. That was a great beatdown. Only unlike Flit, Asemu showed no mercy at all. For a moment I thought he might, but nope, Desil's gone. It's about time. That guy's single-minded pursuit of Flit put himself and his comrades in danger. This is one less headache for Zeheart, who by the way, seems glad to be rid of him, despite them being family. I love how Desil's mobile suit could control the others, though. He should have taken better advantage of that, but he was too obsessed and wasn't thinking clearly. 
Speaking of losers and death flags, when is that obnoxious redheaded guy going to die? If I had any problem with this episode, it was my trouble caring for this guy or the glasses girl. I mean if there aren't death flags waving everywhere on this guy, I don't know what a death flag is. Forced romance with a non-character? Admitting his desire to marry her? Her agreeing to marry him just before he leaves for combat? I think maybe Sunrise is mocking the people who think his death is coming. It would be hilarious if this guy survives the entire generation only to be killed right away in the third one. 
The action in this episode was excellent. Especially when Asemu let loose. 
Overall Score:

4.5 out of 5


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